A registered non-profit society dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending the honour, dignity and reputation of the German people and their descendants, both in Canada and abroad, from slander, insults, false news, and biased and incomplete reporting, which has led to discrimination, fear, hatred and  Anti-Germanism in the public realm. We hope our efforts will foster a better understanding of German history,  culture and accomplishments, and a more accurate and complete view of world history as it relates to the German nation and people. We believe that through countering the war propaganda which continues to be regurgitated to this day and by correcting the historical lies with facts and evidence that have been systematically ignored, that a measure of justice may be achieved for the German people, and that a Third World War may also be averted.  For more detailed information please refer to our constitution.

Registered on February 4th, 2015 in the
Province of British Columbia, Canada.