Registered on February 4th, 2015 in British Columbia, Canada

1. The name of the society is The Truth and Justice for Germans Society

2.  The purposes of the society are as follows:

(a) To promote research and raise awareness concerning the developments which led to the Second World War, and the history of that war, from the hitherto largely untold German perspective.

(b) To promote research into, and raise awareness of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Allies against the German civilian population, both during and after the Second World War.

(c) To promote research into and raise public awareness of the illegal and inhumane treatment of surrendered or captured German forces, the theft of German territory, industry, technology, patents and scientists, the theft or destruction of German culture and artifacts, as well as, the plight of ethnic German expellees and refugees in Eastern Europe in the post-war era.

(d) To raise public awareness about Anti-Germanism and bias in literature, graphics, films, TV programs and education, including the use of misrepresentation of facts or suppression of facts, derogatory terminology, slanders and caricatures, which have affected public policies, opinions and attitudes towards Germans in the post-war years, in Canada and abroad.

(e) To defend the reputation, honour and dignity of the German people and those of German descent, as a community and a minority group within Canada from public humiliation, fear, hostility, hatred and discrimination, pursuant to all applicable provincial and federal statutes, and international law (or agreements) regarding, human rights, freedoms and entitlements to equal legal protection.

(f) To challenge through civil discourse and by all legal means, with available historical facts and evidence,  any published (or broadcast) material containing false, misleading or biased portrayals of the German people, and of historical events concerning them or their history and culture, which cause harm to their reputation and honour, and may lead to undue feelings of shame, guilt, self-hatred and depression, as well as, discrimination against Germans individually or as an ethnic group.

(g) To demand that all relevant federal and provincial statutes related to our cause are upheld and enforced equally by the appropriate and responsible departments, branches, agencies, police and the courts, and to offer constructive advice with respect to policies, new legislation, or revisions of existing legislation.

(h) To offer educational materials and information, or to recommend books and documentaries to the public which will foster a better understanding of German history,  culture and accomplishments, and a more balanced view of world history with regard to Germany, the German people and their descendents, in an effort to reduce Anti-Germanism, as well as foster German cultural pride.

(i) To assist victims of Anti-Germanism through counselling and advocacy, and where possible and appropriate, with funds for legal services and fees in seeking a legal remedy.

(j) To assist in the same manner as described above, non-Germans who have in any way suffered in their public defence of the German people and for their efforts to correct the historical record pertaining to the German people in world history.

(k) Whereas Canada declared war against the German Reich on September 10th, 1939 and has yet to offer peace terms, we demand that the Government of Canada now enter into negotiations with the Government of the German Reich for a peace treaty, as is customary in International Law, and under British Common Law.

(l) Whereas the United Nations was formed on the basis of a united front of war against the German Reich, and whereas it purports to be an instrument of maintaining international peace and security, we demand that the United Nations and all member states which remain at war with the German Reich to this day, now enter into negotiations with the Government of the German Reich for a peace treaty, as was also offered to Japan in 1952.

(m) Whereas the German Reich remains under foreign occupation by members of the Allied Powers to this day, we demand that that their provisional, occupational government finally be dissolved and replaced by a form of government which represents and reflects the will of the German people, with a constitution written by and for the Germans, and thereby, restore full German sovereignty, with equal rights in the world.

(n) We demand recognition by the world at large of the criminal nature of the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles which were imposed upon the German Reich following the conclusion of World War I, and acceptance of the fact that these inhumane conditions caused undue suffering and hardship for Germans, Austrians, and other ethnic Germans, virtually assuring a future German rebellion, and a Second World War.

(o) For the purposes of the society as outlined in our constitution, the terms German and  Germans do not necessarily refer to citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, but rather, to all people who identify themselves as being ethnically and culturally German.

3. The following provisions are unalterable:

(a) The society believes that no nation, people, culture or race is inherently superior to any other, nor that any should be immune from criticism, where such is warranted, based upon historical facts and evidence, but that none should be unduly or unfairly singled out for criticism and condemnation, and that world peace can only be achieved or maintained through a full, honest, accurate and unbiased understanding of history that does justice to all concerned.

(b) The society is not affiliated with any other movements, corporations or political parties, espouses no political ideology or philosophy, religious view or belief, and has no opinion or stance on issues not mentioned in our constitution, but it will endeavour to cooperate with, and where possible, lend its support for the establishment of like-minded groups abroad which share the same goals, and which maintain a high standard of conduct, civil discourse, and dedication to truth, justice and peace.

(c) The society categorically distances itself from any individuals or groups which promote hate, violence and the destruction of property, or which appear to be motivated by hatred.

(d) The society, hereby, dedicates its efforts to truth and justice for the German people, though not only for their sake, but for all of humanity, in the interests of truth, peace and justice, and prevention of future wars, especially the prevention of a Third World War.