So back to bed and it was now 3 AM - meaning just a few hours before...

So back to bed and it was now 3 AM - meaning just a few hours before getting up with the kids.

Today we attended with around a million others (more on the number below) mass in the Colon (Columbus) Plaza. The mass was to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. As I mentioned in an earlier post the government had claimed this was actually a protest. Funny though, I didn't hear any calls for a new government - instead there we're prayers for the government and leaders. And what did they want the Church to do, pray for more abortions and broken families on this day, which is a celebration of the family?

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From Rome, Pope Benedict addressed those attending the mass - and just when he switched from Italian to Spanish the sound went dead. Conspiracy theorists said the sound and picture was being transmitted by the State television. Not sure why they would want to do that - especially as the Pope's speech was read later, and the video with sound played after mass. If anything though, the fact that people would think the government or somebody cut the transmission from Rome highlights that there are indeed political tensions in Spain.

A note on the mass numbers - it's a political game that all parties play whenever there is a demonstration to claim there are more or less participants. After several scandalous lowerings of numbers this time the government hasn't issued a statement on how many attended (at least as far as I've seen up to now). Personally, I think this is smart - especially as it makes the others seem like exaggerating. Organizers claimed there we're one million people, although some of the press - like Europa Press (which is fairly friendly to the Church), claimed there we're 450,000 (this is based on a calculation that allows X amount of people in Y space, and then transferring this calculation to the total space populated by those attending the said event).

You got me how many we're there, but I felt like a sardine and it was physically impossible to kneel. Curiously did I note the Pope said - when mentioning the mass in Madrid - that there we're one million people.

After mass it was off to get the car out of the garage to prepare for a trip to the airport tomorrow - as my wife is leaving in the morning with our youngest for a few weeks visit to Peru. This means that initially I will be with the two daughters - and aunts who will be checking on me to make sure that I've got the food cooked and the clothes pressed.

Lunch today was spicy chicken wings, made so hot you just had to wash your mouth out with coke (or something stronger) and tamales brought from Peru by one of my sister-in-law earlier this week.

Lunch over the obligatory siesta was in order with today's feature film Pinochio.

Evening now upon us, I fired up the computer and ordered an electric guitar and amp for the eldest son who has decided at the age of 13 that he wants to play guitar. It was hard saying no, especially as I still play around - not to mention his uncles.

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