We picked up Julia today!

We're the first family to arrive, so we're back in the Morning Coffee Guest House with our hosts who have now fixed us lunch and some awesome soup for dinner. The other families are scheduled to arrive in the next few hours and then we will all head back to the home to pick up their children in the morning.

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Julia has been great. She didn't cry at all when we picked her up today. She just seemed curious to understand what was going on. She seemed to like getting her hands into my beard and snuggling in with Mom. She can sit up for a little while but eventually falls forward onto her arms. When she lays on her belly, she gets herself propped up on her arms and even started getting to her knees and revving the engine, sort of in the pre-crawl stage. Her appetite had evidently waned when she came up to Addis but the ladies at the home said that she has been eating well since and that seems to be proven out this evening with a couple of bottles and a dinner of cereal, soup, and sweet potatoes.

So now she's out. I've been coughing a bit so that keep stirring her, but we'll take care of that with the Tylenol PM tonight and we'll all sleep welllet's hope. She's a tiny one and we're glad she's ours!

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