A new phone scam targeting the elderly

Lately have there been so much in the news about spam call, where someone is calling mostly older people about their computer and that they are from Microsoft. With this do they guide the victim so she/he will give them full access to the pc so they can fix the "problem"

The only real problem here is that this person is not from Microsoft and is not here to help you to fix your pc problem that you in the first place did not know you had. They are only here to get access to your pc so they can steal everything like logins to the different websites you are using and as bank account login

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For them who don't know this, microsoft does not call you over phone even if there is a problem with your pc unless you have reported it by your self. Microsoft takes nearly 100 USD for phone support on the system and only free support over forum, so next time such person call just say "Nice try" and hang up on the person.

A new one is a over mail from "microsofts voice server" I really don't know much about this one, but all i can say is that they have linked a zip file to the mail and there is probl also a virus in that zip file that can make a backdoor to your pc system and they can from there steal everything they want to even start your webcam.

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