They're an all-volunteer organization...

They're an all-volunteer organization that has a web-based membership program for fashion professionals and enthusiasts. Hifi has been active since 2006, and over the years they've produced dozens of fashion events and partnered with groups like Neiman Marcus , Ala Moana Center , 8 Inc , Aloha Tower , and Hawaii RED Magazine . Their biggest event was their pop-up incubator at Ala Moana earlier this year, the spot served as a local design boutique and hosted 25 fashion events over a 10 day period. They had thousands of visitors and extensive press in nearly every major local media outlet. Most importantly, the pop-up provided a successful test run for a permanent incubator, demonstrating how a physical space can truly bring the community together.

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Their long-held goal of a permanent fashion incubator (Hawaii's first) was realized earlier this month when Hifi signed the lease on a space in Ward Warehouse . Centrally located in a prime retail district, the space will act as a headquarters for all things Hawaii fashion. Over the coming months, they'll develop the space into a hub that showcases the work of local designers, provides a place for connection and collaboration, and hosts a wide variety of events, workshops, and classes for all ages. This physical fashion incubator serves as a key milestone in their vision of resurrecting Made in Hawaii manufacturing and elevating Hawaiis place on the international fashion map.

To create a fashion incubator that recognizes the need for input and engagement from their members and the community, they've formed an Advisory Board of business and industry leaders. The co-founders shared that Sarah will be a great addition to the advisory board. Goodwill's mission is helping people with employment barriers to reach their full potential and become self-sufficient. Hifis mission is to inspire, promote, and sustain an integrated fashion community in Hawaii providing guidance and resources and linking local talent with the global marketplace.

Both organizations align in many ways- empowering talent and stimulating the job market. Hifi sees Goodwill as an excellent eco-fashion resource to promote environmentally responsible fashion and keep usable materials out of landfills. Melissa and Toby are excited to work with Sarah as she's expressed her support for Hifis goals to promote a diverse fashion industry, encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, and share networks and resources.

If the incubator is successful, over the coming yearsthey expect to see greater job opportunities for fashion graduates, a proliferation of successful local designers and fashion businesses, more viable options and skilled labor for Made in Hawaii manufacturing, a stronger and more cohesive sense of community around fashion, and an increased awareness of the brand of Hawaii fashion both nationally and internationally.

The Hifiteam is thrilled to start playing intheir Open Studio! They encourage everyone to drop by this Saturday to see the space in it's raw form. Share your ideas, hear our plans and figure out how you plug-in. They'll have a few sewing machines set up all day, so feel free to bring Halloween costume components and start making your own. Your kids are welcomed. Get your costume elements at Goodwill and add your fininshingtouches at Hifi.

You know that Goodwill Industries of Hawaii is sponsoring a Glam & Ghouls Costume Contest this year. If you use at least one item purchased at Goodwill to make your costume, you can submit a picture and perhaps win a year's supply of shopping at Goodwill! See details here .

So stop by Goodwill on your way over and let the creative juices flow in Hifi's Open Studio. The fun is just beginning.

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