Spinoza is rolling in his grave as American and...

Spinoza is rolling in his grave as American and European governments expand rapidly and dominate the lives of citizens. Certain industries, corporations, lobbyists and politicians have taken the helm of the proverbial ship little by little over the past few hundred years and are now sailing all of us into the land of serfdom -- again.

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Democrats and Republicans fight for control of the reigns, like a couple of Gollums (Schmeagols) from Lord of the Rings grappling in a UFC match, battling over what will be ordered off a Chinese food menu while Libertarians watch in disbelief.

What we learned from the Age of Enlightenment was supposed to be never forgotten. Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes gave us the tool of scientific method. Scholars, artists, scientists and writers such as John Locke, Rousseau, Thomas Paine, Isaac Newton, Voltaire and Adam Smith actively sought to rid the world of superstition and ignorance through use of reason and their ideas triggered the next generation of philosophers that eventually gave birth to liberty and freedom in America. People began to take control of their own lives through free markets and capitalism.

So what the heck happened? We we're making some good progress on various levels. Unfortunately, we rested on our laurels and an increase in oligarchical behavior took hold again. This time not by kings, but by large corporations that have simply purchased control of our government. It's that simple. They just bought the government in overt and concealed manners, and then rewrote it's laws to favor their own interests.

So what's this NuSI? It could be the wooden stake that triggers a partial crumbling of the current vampire-esq American oligarchy that feeds from the blood of it's own citizens. Yes I know that sounds very theatrical and seems like a slippery slope argument. Let me explain.

Whether you want to call America's current nutritional oligarchy a dictatorship, communism, socialism -- I really don't know the precise word that a strict scholar would use -- but it is a big government, a big pharmaceutical, a big agricultural, and the big medical industry that is completely dictating the health (or lack of health) of most people. These entities are driving the largest health catastrophe in the history of the world; the cause of the western diseases. As the effects of the USDA and FDA policies spread worldwide billions of people are sick and diseased due to these entities collaborating to subsidize grains, create nutritional guidelines that contradict all the best 'real science', and concoct drugs that treat symptoms that are caused by toxic diets that these big entities generate in the first place.

The most important and logical piece of information to keep in mind about health is that all of the 229 hunter-gatherer populations ever studied during the last 150 years had/have virtually perfect health. Every western disease is non-existent with these Paleolithic eaters. No dental problems, no obesity, no heart disease, no sign of high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, autism, digestive track problems, Alzheimer's, mental illness, or cancer, etc. No nutritionally based ailments, sicknesses or diseases. Yet virtually everyone in the modern world that eats anything that resembles an industrial western diet has some sort of ailment, sickness or disease. Every time the western diet was introduced to a hunter-gatherer population they soon became as sick as their western counterparts within a few years. Diet seems to be the primary driver of health and is the simplest hypothesis. No matter which hunter-gatherer group is studied, they naturally eat the same foods all over the world of wild animal, vegetables, nuts, seeds and no processed sugar, no grains, no beans or processed vegetable oils. Only one group, the Assai, consume dairy. The hunter-gather diet (also called the paleo diet, primal diet, or ancestral diet) is a low-carbohydrate diet and it removes other potentially harmful anti-nutrients that are considered toxic by some scientists such as gluten, phytates and lectins as well as various chemicals found in most industrial foods.

Since the USDA doubled down in the 1980's with the infamous 'eat 11 servings of grains per day -- meat and fat and cholesterol will kill you' campaign, the health pandemic exploded off the charts like a bomb. The government's recommendations we're wrong -- again.

Since we know that the government just makes up fiat nutritional recommendations based on phony science for the benefit of whichever industry is controlling the puppet strings at the time, why would we believe them? If we can see the strings and we can see who is pulling them and that they do not have society's well being in mind -- why don't we just cut the strings? Is it because we believe them when they say they base their guidelines on new studies? What if we know that their science is flimsy and that their 'correlative studies' and surveys are a sham?

This is where the Nutrition Science Initiative comes in and could very well save the day. This could be a historical modern day Libertarian straw to break the camel's back. NuSI (pronounced "new see" although I catch myself regularly calling it "new sci") could be the domino that sets in motion a significant diminishment of the credibility of US government agencies starting with the USDA and FDA. NuSI has set out to conduct the best nutritional experiments ever done. $700 million worth to start with. And they are raising money quickly and have recently attracted support from one very wise billionaire John Arnold. You might think that good scientific studies have already been done. Well there have been some good ones. And a phenomenal amount of bad ones based on weak correlative observational methods and surveys that always seem to be funded by drug companies, agri-industry and other conflict of interest pretenders. The best studies based on legitimate, randomized controlled trials have pointed to carbohydrate and it's effect on insulin secretion as being a highlight of concern to human health; not saturated fat and meat as the big industries always report. The USDA and FDA are fused together with these big industries and work in concert unfortunately.

NuSI is a nonprofit founded by Gary Taubes and Dr. Peter Attia that will not take money from any of the big industries that pose a conflict of interest and won't accept government funding. NuSI is also bringing opponents from all sides of the dietary spectrum to ensure there is proper oversight and participation by those that are willing to know the absolute truth about what foods make a person healthy and which foods have a measurably destructive effect. The level of detail and monitoring for NuSI's undertaking will exceed nothing before seen to ensure that the highest standards are adhered to during the properly-run experiments. If the study is not going to be performed in a bulletproof manner then there is no use in conducting the trials at all.

Science journalist Gary Taubes and his partner Dr. Peter Attia formed NuSi in 2012 with the objective of clearing up all the confusion that still persists with conventional wisdom about nutrition. Taubes' books in the 90's on the subject of good and bad science within the world of cold fusion physics proved that he knows what he's talking about regarding science and that he knows how to do the meticulous research to call the bluffs of any level of scientist. However, as Taubes points out, the science (or pseudo science) in the public health field takes the cake. The science is so bad in the arena of public health that there is mass confusion up and down the medical industry. You could say that the big corporations and big government behind the misleading, faulty science have won the battle up to this point. But now get ready for the nutritional war to end all nutritional wars. Sort of a revolution but instead of heads getting cut off, hopefully we can justguillotinethe pathetically destructive government branches that have so badly screwed things up. The industries themselves should be left to function on their own without using government to dictate health policy using federal tax dollars. Individuals should not be forced to subsidize the corrupt, government-enabled freak show that forces all of us to pay for the production of high fructose corn syrup and wheat that ends up making the base of the USDA's food pyramid (now called which is the true cause of the entire western disease epidemic.

Will NuSI's scientific discoveries trigger a landslide of new Libertarian thinkers and voters that become enlightened to the idea that big, tyrannical governments do more harm and waste a lot more money than a freer society does? It's hard to say. You can't ignore the fact that this entire public health fiasco is an excellent case study in government gone wild and how we can help fix our society by hacking government agencies that statistically make far more people sick than they do make us healthy. Using high-level, proper scientific experiments to embarrass the US government and undermine it's credibility could be the symbolic sledge hammer for Libertarians. After the public health fraud is exposed and dealt with -- will more good science be used to diminish the powers of other government departments?

My inner bloodhound has led me on a wild goose chase and in many circles during the last year. Eventually I found what I consider to be the epicenter of the entire nutritional debate -- Gary Taubes' doorstep. And I am ecstatic that he and Attia are taking the steps to right the ship in a direction of truth and wisdom. My conversations with Taubes via email over the past year have been a tremendous influence on my personal journey back to great health. His arguments are compelling --- Why We Get Fat is his easiest-to-read book and I recommend it for everyone. When separating out the lousy science vs. excellent science, the dietary debate comes into focus. Humans should be eating animal products, saturated fat primarily and significantly reducing the high-carb foods such as sugar, grains, and fruit.

NuSI's results using the best science might be a Libertarian grand slam and could really crack the debate wide open regarding big federal government vs. a small one. A renaissance of the Age of Enlightenment could be upon us.

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