How exactly does one develop faith in oneself?

How exactly does one develop faith in oneself, in the world or in the Universe? I learned that part of the answer begins with prayer.

Prayer is much more than communication taking place between you and a Divine entity. Essentially, prayer is an energetic intention that you make, whether you speak your intentions to the Heavens or to another person, or whether you think a certain thought in your head once or one hundred times per day. A prayer can be as magnanimous as asking the Angels to end world hunger, or it can also be as mindless as what you think in your own head. Thoughts such as, I hate my job, I hate my life, I'm not good enough or I cannot afford this are all prayers.

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Picture a person who, from sunrise to sundown, thinks the thought I am not happy a hundred times. Just before going to bed, this person kneels before Heaven in prayer and asks Him to please intervene and do something to take away the unhappiness. What do you suppose happens? The more you pray to yourself, I am not happy, the more you will feel the feeling of I am not happy. A magnet filled with unhappiness can only attract more unhappiness. This is the Universes Law of Attraction principle.

How does one create a working relationship with the Universe, then? Very simply, the way you create an effective working relationship with the Universe is to create an effective working relationship with yourself. In a nutshell, there are three steps: 1) Declare an intention. 2) Take inspired action. 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Rather than asking for Heavens permission for something that you want in life, have a deep and honest conversation with yourself. Take it a step further to declare to yourself what you want, with specificity and from your heart. Work with your free will. As my coach, Lisa would say, There is no Permission Genie in the sky who gives us permission to do something. You co-create with your Higher Self and with your Angels.

Declaring an intention is simply filling in the blank to this statement: At this moment, what I want is this (and specifically state what this is for you). This first step is necessary because declaring what we want to ourselves takes us out of any downward spirals of negativity and victim mindedness. Rather than feeling stuck, our declared intentions set us on a path that we can follow. While Heaven never tells you what you must do because of free will, you will get options that you can take to help manifest your desires into reality.

Receiving guidance from the Heavens is the easy part (GOD is Guidance On Demand) , and usually, deep down when we are listening to the language of our soul, we know exactly what we need to do. Our fears protect us from uncertainty as well as hold us back from moving forward. Praying begs us to find out just how much we trust in the Universe and in ourselves to follow through on the guidance we receive. The trust that you need here is one that permeates many different levels, but I feel that the kind of trust you need is a trust in your ability to take care of yourself no matter what happens and a trust that the guidance you receive always moves you toward your Highest spiritual growth.

In other words, you gotta have faith . Faith is not about turning over control to an invisible power. Rather, faith is about trusting in yourself and taking Divine inspired actions to animate your life.

You see, prayer is a mental, energetic intention that has no physical form of it's own. We cannot see or touch prayer, and most of us cannot see the threads of the Universe holding our realities together. Our lives, on the other hand, exist in a touchable, tangible, physical dimension. Thus, in order for our prayers and intentions to manifest into reality, we need to bring them down from a mental energy into a physical action, most of the time.

For example, in my mind I have created a magnificent vision of the career of my dreams. For seven years, I declared this intention in my heart, but I felt very stuck about how to make that happen. I asked Heaven for guidance, and the next steps I received we're so roundabout and seemingly had nothing to do with anything!

Most recently, my Angels said to me, Take sewing lessons. I struggled and resisted against that piece of guidance for two weeks because I could not fathom what sewing had to do with my dream career. I dragged myself to find a sewing teacher and bought all the supplies with such trepidation, all the while knowing I was acting on guidance from the Heavens but not being in agreement with it.

I asked my Angels to explain this to me, and here is what They said: You have a lot of ideas to create things which now only exist in thought form. Sewing is about bringing your creativity down into the physical. Work with your hands.

After I heard that, everything snapped into place. Is my next career related to sewing? Probably not. But will sewing lead me to develop confidence in my creativity, and like the Angels said, help me to not just dream a dream but to experience turning ideas into reality? Yes!

My hands may be sewing, but there are forces within the Universe and within my own human energy system at work which I cannot see. Oftentimes, Heaven suggests seemingly irrelevant actions to take because those actions actually correct energy imbalances that exist within our aura.

Lets pretend for a moment that you dream of moving to a foreign country, but your fear stops you from taking any action. Energetically, you may have a fear of being unsafe, or a fear in not being able to take care of yourself or in leaving your comfort zone. The guidance we receive from Heaven will be about correcting those energetic imbalances so that you can, one day, feel safe enough to move. Heaven may tell you that you can start by saying hello to strangers that pass you by or by learning public speaking. If we we're to analyze this, it wouldn't make any logical sense, but miracles do not follow any logic, you see.

Thus, if guidance from Heaven resonates with my heart and expands my soul, I am going to follow it and do it (and free will says I could choose not to). In time, you will see that cultivating a working relationship with the Universe is a dance. When you pray and then act on Divine guidance, you are dancing your part of the dance.

A wonderful friend of mine wants to act on her dream career and asked the Heavens for a sign specifically $6,000 to signal that she is moving in the right direction. For a month, my friend intentionally took action on things that simply made her feel empowered on the inside. Can you guess what happened? Someone mailed her a check for exactly $6,000 to show appreciation for what my friend did for that person in the past.

That is how you develop faith. Faith is built one step at a time through taking action. You take one step forward, however large or small, and the Universe follows in support right behind you. Faith is literally Trust in action.

In a microcosm, this is about how you learn to trust yourself and work with yourself body, heart, mind and soul. In a macrocosm, this is about how you learn to work with the Universe in order to fulfill your soul purpose, the reason for why your soul even bothered to come to Earth in the first place. What did you come here to do or to fulfill? Why did your soul ask to have a body? What are you here to learn? Open your heart and find out.

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