Everybody has one you know!

Even if you think not. I have several but here is one that my mom told me that I'll never forget.

This is one of those things that I was too young to remember so I take her word for it.

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It probably wasn't quite so funny at the time but as I look back I can laugh.

So many parents in the past have purchased a pet bunny or some other sort of pet at Easter for their child and I was obviously no different.

My mother decided that she would get me a baby chick one Easter and she tells of how proud I was to have it.

My mom was very young at the time also and after buying it for me she realized that she didn't ask what to feed it.

So she decided that feeding it some corn meal would be a safe bet and proceeds to do so.

Later that evening we notice that the baby chick is swelling up like a balloon and we can't figure out what in the world is going on. The chick is swollen up so big that it can't stand on it's feet anymore. Mom is worried to death and up late with the baby chick trying everything to help it until she finally gives up in desperation and calls it a night.

On awakening and thinking the worst she rushes to see what's going on with the chick and to her surprise the it has deflated and completely back to normal. Mom is puzzled all morning after that episode right up to the point where she goes for the corn meal to feed it again and notices on the label of the corn meal that it's "self rising." A scary situation at the time but years later we still laugh about that one.

Have you ever has any crazy ones like that or do I stand alone?

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