Phi Theta Kappa lends a helping hand

Hard working members of Fullerton College's Phi Theta Kappa we're present at one special Orange County home on Saturday with paintbrushes, drop clothes and loads of support to help lend a hand to a homeowner in need.

The college Honors Society was volunteering for Paint Your Heart Out, an organization that helps disabled, senior and veteran homeowners improve their homes by making essential repairs and giving them a fresh, clean look.

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Club members donned bright orange shirts provided by the organization with "Orange Paint Day" inscribed on them. The atmosphere was mellow and filled with endless jokes and laughter between peers, while simultaneously being productive and demonstrating relentless teamwork.

"PTKfirst got involved with Paint Your Heart Out last year. One of our past officer's,Salacgot us in touch with them. We helped with a house inPlacentialast semester as well as another in Orange," said CharlesHesketh, the club's president. "We really enjoyed it, so we're doing it again thissemester."

Members ofPTKspent one day a few weeks ago prepping the house, which included, scraping, sanding and priming the overall exterior of the home. Then they came back this Saturday to finish the job.

"We have to glaze the windows, sand them, then tape them before they can be repainted, which is what we are doing today," saidPTKmember Amy Stump.

The honor's society has been involved in many charity programs this semester including the Susan G.KomenRace For The Cure5k, Walk to End Alzheimer's and most recently, Paint Your Heart Out.

Phi Theta Kappa offers their members the opportunity to gain leadership skills and encourages them to strive for continued academic excellence by providing a supportive atmosphere for exchanging ideas among their peers.

"We hold officer meetings where we will all get together and ask what we want to do for the semester. How do we want to give back to the community? We all bring our ideas forward," saidPTK'sVice President of Fundraising, Victoria Sanchez. "Then we bring those ideas to the general meetings to see if any of the members have any additional ideas, and then we plan our events for thesemester."

The Honors Society is always getting involved with new charities, one such program is Giving Children Hope, which they will be helping out with on November 19.

"They do a lot of world wide events with the homeless community, like the devastation in Japan. So we're going to go in and help with one of their local events and fill backpacks for the homeless children in Orange County," saidSanzhez. "We're going to pack them with nutritional food, school supplies and things we all take for granted, items that someone who may be homeless or living in their parents car would reallyneed."

Phi Theta Kappa is always encouraging FC students to check out their club. Students interested in joining must have completed 12 units of classes and be able to maintain a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

"This is my first semester inPTKand I love it. I wanted to help out my community and saw a link to Phi Theta Kappa on Fullerton College's Facebook page and decided to check them out," said current memberQuiambao. "I mentor a seventhgrade girl and I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring her to some of the Club'sevents."

"My favorite event we've done so far is the Hot Meals Program which we do every first Monday of the month," she said.

The Hot Meals Program takes place atOrangethorpeChristian Church in Fullerton. The Honor's Society helps set up tables to serve food to those who otherwise can't provide themselves with meals. At the end of the evening they help sweep and clean up as well.

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